Grounds for Resistance shown in college classes

Two of my colleagues at the University of Oregon screened Grounds for Resistance in their classes this week.

Prof. Joe Lowndes showed it to his U.S Politics class, a freshman level class of about 150 students, as part of their unit on social movements. He invited me to come in to discuss the film and answer questions. We had a lively discussion about the filmmaking process, veteran activism, and the advocacy work and activism of Coffee Strong members.

Anthropologist Lamia Karim showed the film in her Feminism and Ethnography class today. I will join the class on Thursday for a q&a. She invited the vets featured in the film, but unfortunately no one could make the trip. Andrew, Josh, and Jorge are planning to go to Seattle for the film’s screening on Friday, so they couldn’t make the trip to Eugene the day before, and Joseph is busy in New York working with IVAW. Fortunately, Joseph is available to skype in for the discussion, which will be an experiment. It will be fun to see what kind of discussion emerges in this class, an upper division and graduate level course focused on research methods and methodology. I’ll post a follow-up!

About Lisa Gilman

I am a professor of Folklore and English at George Mason University. This is my first film project though I've been working for several years on a project with veterans about music and war. I also do research in Malawi on dance, gender, and politics.
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