Films Media Group to Distribute Grounds for Resistance

Grounds for Resistance: Stories of War, Sacrifice, and Good Coffee has been picked up (and slightly renamed) by Films Media Group for academic distribution. If you feel compelled, please ask your public and university libraries to order the film. Here is the link:  

For those of you interested in purchasing copies for your individual use, you can purchase it for $25 following the links under “Order DVD” on this website. 

About Lisa Gilman

I am a professor of Folklore and English at George Mason University. This is my first film project though I've been working for several years on a project with veterans about music and war. I also do research in Malawi on dance, gender, and politics.
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1 Response to Films Media Group to Distribute Grounds for Resistance

  1. Paul Haeder says:

    Hi Lisa — I am a teacher, activist and writer, doing a piece for Spokane Living Magazine, for my regular column, Metro Talk. I am looking for some discussion around the state of veterans in the Pacific Northwest. You can read my current piece in the digital version of the monthly — I now live and work in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. I’ve had a radio show, weekly, one-hour, in Spokane, and had a real treat with one veteran working with Coffee Strong. I’ve interviewed Jeremy Scahill, Naomi Wolf, Amy Goodman, David Suzuki, and many more. I also have co-editorship role for a more radical blog, Dissident Voice. So, maybe an email to me and phone number so I can ask you questions about Grounds for Resistance and around the issues I want to broach in this upcoming piece, well, coming out in June, but my deadline is fast approaching, as in next week! Copy of the film would be great, and I can give you my mailing address via email exchange.

    Thanks, Paul Haeder

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