Grassroots Distribution/Organize Screenings

I need your help getting folks to see this film!

I am counting on people around the country to take initiative to organize opportunities for people to see it.

Some ideas:

1) Organize a screening at a local theater, coffeehouse, bookstore, community center, etc…

2) Use the film as a fundraiser: screen the film and charge admission to raise money for a non-profit or political initiative.

3) Invite people to a small salon style gathering where you show the film and have a discussion after (good food and drink would be wonderful additions)

4) Screen the film in classes or at community gatherings.

5) Ask your local or university (or both) libraries to purchase the film.

I’ve priced the film at what I hope is an affordable cost to enable these kinds of community screenings. If the cost is an issue, please contact me, and we can discuss options. I’m not making money on this project–just covering my costs.

I have promotional materials–a poster, sample announcements, and sample press releases that I’ll share with anyone organizing a screening.

For libraries and other academic institutions, the film is distributed by Film Media Group and can be purchased on their website

3 Responses to Grassroots Distribution/Organize Screenings

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  2. Evan Greene says:

    Dear Lisa:

    I understand that you directed the wonderful film “Grounds For Resistance.” I work with the producers rep organization If you are interested in working with us to help sell your film, we would love to take a look at it.

    Please send us a screener at the address below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call us.


    Evan Greene
    PO Box 5748 Santa Monica, CA 90409

    • Lisa Gilman says:

      Dear Evan,

      Thank you for getting in touch about my film “Grounds for Resistance.” I would like to hear more about what services you offer. I’ve just signed an exclusive contract with a distributor for the education market. I maintain the rights to distribute it to other markets….


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